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How to recover from a failed ERP Implementation

ERP Failure: 5 ways to help recover a failed ERP Implementation

An failed ERP implementation is the worst-case scenario, and an implementation project team aims to avoid it at all costs. However, the implementation team may still be able to save the project, and the project leader should follow specific steps afterward to try to do so.

Before deciding how to address implementation challenges, the project leader must first create a ERP Implementation checklist or create a plan.

The project leader must first examine any remaining budget from the ERP implementation, then create an estimate of the required amount of additional funds required.

The project leader should ensure that employees and other users may readily communicate ERP system issues to the implementation team.

If employees are facing severe issues, the project team should inform them that they are aware of the issues and are working on a plan to resolve the issues.

The team should implement a process to regularly incorporate fixes into the production ERP system, as opposed to waiting weeks to address serious issues.